Programme outline


Monday 23rd of August
14.00 14.15  Opening ceremony Bas Teusink
      "13th International Symposium on Lactic Acid Bacteria - online"
14.15 14.50 Opening Keynote Rodolphe Barrangou
      "Applications of CRISPR-Cas systems in lactic acid bacteria"
14.50 15.20 invited talk 1 Christophe Fremaux
      "Dairy lactococcal and streptococcal phage—host interactions: an industrial perspective in an evolving phage landscape"
15.20 15.50 invited talk 2 Jörn Piel
      "Ribosomally synthesised peptide biodiversity"
15.50   16.00 break  
16.00 17.00 posters (even numbers)  
17.00 17.30 invited talk 3 Michiel Kleerebezem
      "Lifestyle, metabolism and environmental adaptation in Lactococcus lactis"
17.30 18.00 invited talk 4 Dennis Sandris Nielsen
      "Bacteriophage-mediated manipulation of the gut microbiome – promises and presents limitations"


Tuesday 24th of August
14:00 14:30 invited talk 5 Beatriz Martınez
      "Cell wall homeostasis in lactic acid bacteria: threats and defences"
14:30 15:00 invited talk 6 Luc De Vuyst
      "Functional role of yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria in cocoa fermentation processes"
15:00  15:30   invited talk 7 Danilo Ercolini 
      "The link between LAB and bifidobacteria from food and probiotics and the human gut microbiome"
15:30 15:50  invited talk Rosanne Hertzberger
      "Differences in glycogen-degrading capacity of vaginal bacteria can explain lower glycogen levels during dysbiosis"
15:50  16:00  break  
16:00  17:00  posters (odd numbers)  
17:00  17:30  invited talk 8 Rachel Dutton
      "Dissecting species interactions in the cheese microbiome"
17:30 18:00 invited talk 9 Lynette Cigelske
      "Solid state NMR for studying macromolecular assemblies"


Wednesday 25th of August
14:00 14:30 invited talk 10 Jin-zhong Xiao
      "Insights into the reason of Human-Residential Bifidobacteria (HRB) being the natural inhabitants of the human gut and their potential health-promoting benefits"
14:30 15:00 invited talk 11 Frank Bruggeman
      "Searching for principles of microbial physiology"
15:00  15:20   invited talk Patrick Veiga
      "Moving from probiotics to precision probiotics"
15:20 15:40  invited talk Vincent Sommerville
      "Functional strain redundancy and persistent phage infection in Swiss hard cheese starter cultures"
15:40  15:50  LABIP   poster and midterm career award
15:50 16:00 break  
16:00  17:00  posters (all)  
17:00 17:20  invited talk Igor Mierau
      "Live biotherapeutics for treatment of diabetic foot ulcer – four in one"
 17:20 17:50 invited talk 12 Karen Maxwell
      "Chemical warfare in the phage-host evolutionary arms race"
17:50 18:00 closing ceremony Bas Teusink
      "towards a normal LAB14"